Wooden instrument

BFA HfG 2014
8 weeks
How can a new instrument look like and what if it needs to be made of 96% wood? The result is a crossing between a xylophone and a marimba-phone, designed to be places on a table. It features four wooden pipes on wich four sound plates are positioned. The plates were sanded individually to produce a certain frequency when brought to vibration. Each one is placed on top of felt spacers and held down with a rubber ring.

„How does a instrument made of 96% wood look like?“

Model building

To create the hollow tubes a solid piece of wood was drilled by using a hole-saw. The resulting rings were afterwards sanded to create the bent shape and glued together.


The length of each tube influences the amplification of the frequency fundamentally. To ensure proper sound amplification they had to be calculated and produced in a very exact manner.