Outdoor Lens Carrying
Work in progress
As a photographer carrying lenses with you is a major difficulty, especially when it comes to changing them being outdoors. A solution to this problem is a lens holder you can attach to you backpacks' shoulder strap for easy access where it won't interfere while walking or passing bushes. It allows for an easy and quick change of lenses but also secures them safely to prevent accidental unlocking. When not in use it blends into your equipment adding only little weight and volume. The process has been focused on hands on prototyping.

„How can you transport and swap lenses while being outdoors quick and easy?“

Problem definition

Swapping lenses outdoors means taking a break to lay them down or facing the danger of letting one lens slip.

Concept sketches

Visualizing first ideas of placement, interaction and basic functionality.

Evaluate concept

Quick prototypes allow to check if the concept of attaching it to your backpacks' strap is a convenient solution.

Rough prototyping

Low fidelity prototypes with a basic functionality were used to test the concept in a real world scenario.

User testing

Trying out the prototypes on site to gather information on its functionality and handling.

Material simulation

The holder was designed, taking into account material properties and the manufacturing process.

Funtional prototyping

Fully working prototypes were 3d printed to allow a fast iteration process. Thoughout several version, difficulties such as material weakness and ergonomics were improved

Work in progress